Jürg and Markus Berchtold with the RUMUL GIGAFORTE 50

Markus Berchtold, Sales Manager

Company - Portrait
The main interest of RUMUL is the development and design of resonant testing systems and machines for dynamic materials testing. Each of our 15 employees is responsible for ensuring a proper and efficient progress from the incoming orders up to all the necessary services after the installation of the machines. External partners support us if required in production, in development of software, electronics, and in FEM-computing. Today’s materials testing market indicates a trend to high quality and fast test results. RUMUL’s resonant testing technology covers the above and is very efficient  regards energy consumption. The products of RUMUL are the result of more than 50 years of experience, which have developed from hundreds of meetings with customers and their diverse requirements.

Jürg Berchtold, CEO

RUMUL’s Company Concept
* Our target is to become the best partner for our customers.
* It is the policy of RUMUL to achieve and maintain a very high standard of design, manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction.
* We aim to build customer confidence with our technical ability and the high quality of our products.
* Our vision for the future incorporates due regard for our responsibilities towards our employees, the society and the environment.
* Our goal is to achieve a leading position through our expertise.
* The entire RUMUL team stands to this declaration!


Company building in Neuhausen am Rheinfall

50th anniversary of RUMUL Russenberger Prüfmaschinen AG from 17th - 19th September 2014

Very special thanks to all our customers who have given us their confidence in the past 50 years. Without you we wouldn’t be here today. Many developments of our resonant testing machines were initialized in partnership with you as our customers.

In the past 50 years more than 600 new resonant machines and modernizations of old machines were delivered. At the beginning the modernizations were especially Vibrophores from Amsler and pulsators from Schenck. Lately even RUMUL machines were modernized.


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