RUMUL-SOFTWARE The Software package RUMUL TestLab is a scalable Testing Software for a intuitive optimized operation of Resonant Testing Machines.

The basic application Fatigue WOEHLER for fatigue tests is featuring all the function of the Resonant Testing Machines. The modular extensions are based on the WOEHLER program.

The additional module CRACK extends the software with all necessary function to perform crack growth tests according to the standards.

The additional module PRECRACK is propagating a fatigue crack according the standard to a Fracture Toughness Specimen without additional crack length measuring equipment.

For test applications with different load levels and integrated peripheral devices are the software models BLOCK and BLOCK XP. XP stands for extended programing. With the BLOCK XP we got the possibility to do calculations with any mathematical function and define condition to step to different blocks. The features enable sophisticated tests without any limit of complexity.

Data collection with RUMUL-Software

RUMUL control unit TUTOS
TUTOS (TOPP Universal Testing Operating System) is the latest controller from RUMUL and it is a strict evolution of controller TOPP (Testing with Optimized Power and Precision).
RUMUL TUTOS implements on the latest 64 Bit Processor architecture. The powerful process computer grants a reliable and efficient operation. The optimized algorithms for the data processing are proved for all kind of Resonant Testing Machines.

Powerful Software installed on a standard PC, cares the Test Guidance and Test monitoring, The Software communicates to the TUTOS controller trough an Ethernet Interface.

The RUMUL TUTOS controller is featuring self-detection with integrated calibration for various sensors, further as well a highly sensitive precise regulation of dynamic signals. TUTOS provides also a extensive Web interface with access to all important settings and diagnostic options.
The TUTOS concept is used for all new RUMUL machines and for upgrades to enhance any older mechanical Resonant Testing Machines as well.

SOFTWARE Applications

RUMUL TUTOS, state of the art electronic

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